Saturday, 4 August 2007

it is far beyond me to describe how deeply i am in love with Channel 4 (UK)'s advertisement for its film arm season of 'new Hollywood'.

(the fact that Michael Mann's Heat, The Shield and the updated edition of 'City of Quartz' have been three of my key touchstones all year - and they are not competing claims - possibly helps.
the nearest i've even been to LA is the Bay Area.)


don't ask me quite how the text of this email came to me (i'm still unsure myself), but, read on, dear heart, read on

from A <> hide details 09:20 (1 minute ago)
____ <>
date 01-Aug-2007 9:20
subject Fraternal greetings; Against the idlers, a Plea


I know you gave me a lot last month but we need some more.
V's up to his uncomradely tricks again. (Only issue 'those fuckers' and I agree on!)

Thing is, I admit I made LOTS selling MY utility to HIS utility, but that pot's all dry.
(Don't ask, brother.)

Fraternally, A.