Tuesday, 30 January 2007

one thing that's been in the UK news lately is the possibility of a strike by British Airways workers (now averted).
i just wanted to say N Cohen's Cruel Britannia anthology has a few good passages about when Bob Ayling was there if i remember.
timely reading.

Cohen's also good on another of Tony Blair's mates, Silvio B, and Labour's gambling addiction (more timely stuff).

btw, it says Jimmy now here below. it's cuz i switched blogger to the same thing as my food/drink blog (where i'm Jimmy); i'm planning to get back into the swing of things, soon, and have already started adding some links to some fave food blogs (though w/ my html skills, they are a bit messy), inc THE SARAWAK LAKSA [ two kids eat their way around Sarawak, bowl after bowl after bowl ], SO BAD ITS GOOD [ photos of L.A. carniceria store murals ], and the original and best, Great Taco Hunt, also based in the City of Angels.
i feel, incidentally, i too must register my disgust that the Wikipedia entry on tacos has recently delinked that site.

Thursday, 25 January 2007

is it just me or is Nancy Pelosi seriously hot?

( sample pick up line: let's ditch these isolationist losers Nanc, and grab a bellini )
i've not heard Organized Konfusion for bloody ages.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Chief Executives, now they've got the skills. Justin King, currently chief executive of UK supermarket Sainsbury, now he has to be on the top of his game discussing quinoa, Omega-3, Jamie Oliver's kid-sized takes on a nice quesadilla, things like that.

but hold on!

King used to be don dada at the RAC, the UK road users' association (owned by Aviva, who have their fingers in plenty of pies, such as insurer Norwich Union), didn't he?

so where once he was banging on about black ice, taxing the motorist off the road and the pernicious toll at Tamworth, now it's 5 -a-day, PJ smoothies and finest ready meals.

now these people are the top people and so they're not so much on the details i imagine as the overall picture, which is why they get bounced around, in demand. (blue skies thinking? the first time i've ever used this phrase, and i believe a phrase everyone wants binning, one might add.)

but come on King!

sort it out!

wheatgerm or Citroen, what's it to be?

it's this shilly-shallying that gets me.

(on second thought, i think i may be getting King confused with someone else.
but any"road".)
maudlin tone, gently self-mocking, the dry humour, everything came together at the weekend just gone when a very close chum of mine sent me a txt re. the football that literally made me belly-laugh out loud (a rarity for me and texts).

he's an Evertonian, and they went on to win, but it must have been nils when he sent me these words:

Wigan v Everton. Two shit teams playing football.
you'd think Charles Clarke would have learnt to have put a sock in it by now, wouldn't you.
i've been running this place down for the last couple of years or so but i think i'll get back into it, from now on.
maybe. (i'll have to sort out the archive and other links later on.)

meanwhile, Paul Dacre: fuck me, the bloke's a bit of a thicko isn't he?
if i told you, you wouldn't believe me anyway.