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Indigenous over-representation in custody (%)
Indigenous persons as a percentage of total population Indigenous persons as a percentage of total juvenile detention population Indigenous persons as a percentage of total adult prison population
New South Wales 2.3 48.6 22.1
Victoria 0.7 10.8 6.3
Queensland 3.6 52.9 30.0
Western Australia 3.3 68.0 38.5
South Australia 1.9 41.0 23.9
Tasmania 4.0 20.0 12.4
Northern Territory 30.3 96.9 82.3
Australian Capital Territory 1.3 47.6 16.2
Australia 2.5 46.2 26.1

(source: Australian Institute of Criminology, May 2013)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

When they were asked why the wall of tower blocks were to be built by Burgess Park but not by Dulwich Park, they answered "Dulwich is completely different". Yes,  Dulwich is completely different because it is full of very rich powerful people who would never allow their community to be bulldozed or their park to be destroyed like this

- Donnachadh McCarthy, Southwark News, Thursday 11 September 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

Jessica Valenti on the actress Jennifer Lawrence, who reacted with 'absolutely justified anger' to the recent leaking of private images. There's also a eye-opening aside about the Disney Corporation and their terrible response to a similar situation that occurred several years ago, involving the actress Vanessa Hudgens.

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'What one book do you wish that you had written?'

Beloved by Toni Morrison.

- Southwark council interview with Andrea Stuart, autumn 2014.

from the same piece: "Plantation life was a kind of intimate terrorism" (on the sugar slave trade in the Caribbean).