Sunday, 27 November 2005

it might just be that - in terms of ensembles - the Seinfeld quartet were the best there was ["Fruit's a gamble. I know that going in"]

Monday, 21 November 2005

Hovis Presley was indeed a bit of a legend, all told

Saturday, 19 November 2005


utter utter panic grips my entire soul as i sit watching the bbc football live text to see the Alty (at Gravesend) and City games reciting 'shit shit we're gonna lose, we're gonna lose/we're not gonna beat blackburn, we're not gonna beat blackburn'

Friday, 18 November 2005

{please} SAVE GALES

Thursday, 17 November 2005

letter - a shameful place for an African summit

Wednesday, 16 November 2005

i was at a gig by London guttersnipe punk (etc) outfit Art Brut last night.

the phrase "Tracey Emin with a full bladder" kept running through my head.

Monday, 14 November 2005

Thursday, 10 November 2005

We would like to know whether there is another country with 23 parliamentarians convicted of crimes. If so, we can twin our countries

Beppe Grillo

Geeta on packing up her records
keep re-reading Joe M on The Late Registration his asides on the skits and Nas are pure genius
The Rambler responds to clap clap

Thursday, 3 November 2005

Olly boy might be in Baku and Luka is back - news to me
Faust:...who are you, then?
Mephistopheles: I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good
Nay, then, I fear he has fallen into that damned art

Tuesday, 1 November 2005

food: chorizo torta

coffee: one

soda: Jarritos mandarina

the torta was outstanding